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100 Next-Era CEO's in ASIA 2013

     The Japan Times selected Dr.Fujii as one of the "100 Next-Era CEO's in Asia 2013" because some of his treatments and activities so far are worthy of being introduced to people all over the world. In addition, his arguments have been consistently pointing out the bad effects of electromagnetic wave connecting with dental fillings which are made of metals such as amalgam. Those ideas are new and interesting, however the media hardly reports on them, and only a few dentists are familiar with them. 


Message to young people from Dr. Fujii

There are many sicknesses of which the causes are unknown. However, real causes definitely exist. We should search for the real causes from various viewpoints. When we search, we should use our feeling and sensitivity as much as we can.

     I was very interested in using dentistry to help athletes improve their abilities when I was in the department of dentistry at university. I finished graduate school, where I majored in bacteriology, in 1989.
     I worked for various dental clinics and opened my own Shin Kobe Dental Clinic in October 2000. My specialty has always been occlusion, or biting situations. Occlusion is very important. If you have bad occlusion, you may have poor overall health.
In time, I encountered situations in which poor health could not be cured with occlusal treatments. I found out that electromagnetic waves, such as those emitted by mobile phones, caused such symptoms. Harmful materials in dental fillings can act as antennae that collect such harmful electromagnetic waves.
     More and more patients have come to me with such symptoms as the use of mobile phones increases. If they have bad fillings, I replace them with those using better materials. Only dentists can do this. 
     I would like to teach other dentists my techniques so that we can improve the standard of living of people all over the world.

< The Japan Times (scanned)  |  Information Blog  |  Do dental implants cause scoliosis? >

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