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Dr. Fujii's Medical Philosophy (Megumi Komazaki)

Dr. Fujii's Medical Philosophy
~Retrieving patients' healthy Immune functions as well as raising their homeostasis~ 

Dr. Fujii has been surely believing that he can cure his patients every time.
He has established his own medical philosophy probably by his nature as born in a dentists' family the term which has been continuing from 5 generation.

Here is one case report that he improves his patient's suffering.
Hope to enjoy his manual therapy; if you want to read more, please contact with


Difficulty opening the mouth accompanied by pain around the temporomandibular joint was improved by manipulative adjustment of the ankle and sacroiliac joints.

The subject was a 25-year-old woman. She sprained her left ankle while skateboarding

approximately two months before the consultation. It became difficult for her to open her mouth more than one week before the consultation. She could only open her mouth as wide as one and half fingers and she felt pain in her jaw when opening her mouth. She also felt neck pain and shoulder stiffness. Manipulative therapy was performed on her sacroiliac and her ankle joints. Just after the manipulative therapy, she was able to open her mouth as wide as three fingers without any pain. Her symptoms did not reoccur after additional, simple bite adjustment. Manipulative therapy proved to be an effective treatment for the patient's temporomandibular disorder. This is because her disorder was likely caused by her sprained ankle. This shows us that when treating temporomandibular disorders, we should consider the whole body.

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< "Qualitas" [October 2013, No. 002]  |  Information Blog

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