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Article:Diagnosing Patients' Health Problems by Using their Sensibilities to the Danger of Cellular Phones

Diagnosing Patients' Health Problems 
by Using their Sensibilities to the Danger of Cellular Phones

Yoshiro Fujii
Shin Kobe Dental Clinic, 2F Sanyo building, 3-9-18 Sannomiya, Chuou-ku, Kobe, Japan
Email: shin-kobe-dentalclinic@s.9.dion.ne.jp

Although there are a number of articles that are only emphasized the convenience of the electric devices such as cellular phones, some reports prove that the electromagnetic waves which emit from those devices cause the abnormal conditions for human body. 
By using cellular phone as stethoscope, this report points out the bad influences of the electric devices on the patients' bodies. 

Key words: cellular phone, electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, balance disorder

As the demands for cellular phones have spread widely in recent years [8], a number of reports regarding abnormal occurrences for human body which are caused by the electromagnetic waves emitted from the electronic devices such as cellular phones increase [1-6]. Both general and severe symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness, memory loss, irregular heart-beats, and whole-body skin problems, are all falling under the title of Electromagnetic Wave Hypersensitivity [9-14]. 
On the other hand, as for the relationship between a brain tumor and the radio waves that is emitted from cellular phones, Interphone Study Group concluded that the use of cell phones affects no increase in the risk of glioma or meningioma otherwise at the highest exposure levels. In order to prevent a wrong interpretation of the causality of long-term heavy which is caused by the use of cellular phones from biases and misunderstandings, a further investigation is required [15]. 
There are some more articles which results do not support the hypothesis of a relationship between the use of telephones and tumors of the brain or salivary gland, leukemia, or other cancers [16-18], but those reports are not sufficient to evaluate the risks among the heavy users who have inducted potentially long-term periods. [17] 
Therefore, the further studies are needed to account for longer induction periods, especially for slow-growing tumors with neuronal features [18]. In addition, I have found that the electromagnetic waves cause the balance difficulties such as dizziness as well as joint mobilization troubles during my research about the relationship between dentistry and electromagnetic waves [19, 20]. When there is an unsuitable metal in the body, the metal collects harmful radio waves as an antenna and the symptoms that listed below would have appeared. Analyzing from some clinical data of mine, I found that the dental implants made of titanium are the most common example of the metal-antenna which collects such harmful radio waves that I mentioned. 

In many articles, only the convenience of the electronic devices is emphasized, though some bad influences on the body of the electromagnetic waves emitted from these devices also have to be researched and considered. As for this article, I have given opinions in response to the article named "Mobile Phone Based Health Care Technology"[7]. The purpose of my article is to point out the dangers of using mobile phones as sensors, such as stethoscopes. Because mobile telephones are spread widely now [8], and are used as vehicles of so much information, it seems that their use as medical appliances is possible. However, I can imagine if a mobile phone is close to a patient's body and used, on the electromagnetic waves emitted can have a bad influence on the body. Therefore, it is important to re-examine such directions for use of mobile phone sensors, after having performed some kind of protection procedures from electromagnetic waves to help safe guard the patient. The article named "Mobile Phone Based Health Care Technology"[7] suggested the possibilities of help better health promotion for people using mobile phones. In the present, this article draws attention to the many helpful functions of mobile phones, including sensors such as stethoscopes and the useful communication functions. However, this article fails to mention the many influences of electromagnetic wave irradiation from mobile phones on body. Electromagnetic wave irradiated from a mobile phone can bring a sense of balance disorder and a decrease in joint mobilization. The unpleasant symptom called Electromagnetic Wave Hypersensitivity is regarded as being caused by electromagnetic waves. Increasing electromagnetic wave strength is indirect proportion to distance ( S=1/D² S=strength of electromagnetic wave D=distance). To use a mobile phone as a sensor like this article suggests would mean the electromagnetic waves irradiated from the mobile phone would be very strong, and the affect of the electromagnetic waves on the whole body would be very serious. The author's suggestion that using mobile phones to help people is a very interesting idea, and the examples show the positive benefits mobile phones can provide. However, by ignoring the dangers of electromagnetic waves, sick patients could actually be made sicker by having mobile phones used so closely to them, which would totally negate any of the help they bring. This is not to say, however, that mobile phones should not be used, but that they should be used with caution. My research has shown that removing inadequate metals from the patients and keeping the mobile phone as far away as possible, reduces some of the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves, and might allow short uses of the beneficial mobile phone functions, with less of a risk to the patient. It doesn't often still become clear about influence to a body of electromagnetic waves. However, such a mechanism is partially disclosed by Bi-Digital O-Ring Test [21]. Danger to a living body of radio waves is also pointed out by Bi-Digital O-Ring Test [22-24]. Therefore for the moment, I think it's better to avoid something avoided from the view point of a precaution. In fact, there are some patents [25-30] to protect or avoid from harmful electromagnetic waves. If using these patents, it may be possible to use mobile phone safely. Moreover, because we can select adequate dental materials using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test [21] in dentistry as the case report 4, this test may be useful to avoid danger of harmful electromagnetic waves in wider area.


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