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Dental treatment for dementia Part 1

Dental treatment for dementia Part2

Dental treatment for dizziness and joint stiffness.

Dental treatment for sciatica with only one tooth extraction.

Dental treatment for lower back pain with a full cast crown

It's AKA (Arthrokinematic Approach) of the jaw joint.

This is a study of the electro-magnetic waves of a cell phone(Case2)

Fujii phenomenon

Fujii test and O-Ring test

The method to choose ideal dental alloy with Fujii test and O-Ring test.

Dental treatment for lower back pain with an extraction of a wisdom tooth.

FFD ORT(Fujii phenomenon)

Fujii phenomenon

There are relations between a body leaning back, a joint being stiff and fingers opening in the O-Ring Test.
And there are also relations between a body falling forward, a joint being flexible and fingers closing in the O-Ring Test.

Unsteady and dizziness because of a dental implant

Electromagnetic wave from personal computer induced electromagnetic wave hypersensitivity through a dental implant.

Increasing vertical dimention between both of jaws

Abnormal bite up sometimes induces balance sence obstacle,back ache,joint mobile disorder or decreasing grip power.

Suffering from unsteadiness and dizziness for more than 10 years

Electromagnetic waves collected by dental amalgam induced unsteadiness for long time.

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