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Case Introduction Effects of Occlusion

Bed-ridden old people stand up!!

A video showing a bed-ridden old person being able to stand up and walk caught attention in the dental industry. The video was shown in national parliament to demonstrate that dental treatments which have this kind of result could significantly help to reduce the burden on national health insurance. According to (video maker) Dr. Yoshiaki Fujii's thesis, one out of five people who were treated were able to subsequently stand up and walk. Being able to walk by ourselves till the end of our lives: isn't that what everybody wants?

Examples: 2 weeks after fitting dentures.

Bed-ridden elderly people in aged care facilities are usually not given their dentures to wear. Two weeks after this man started wearing properly fitted dentures, his condition improved remarkably as if he were another person. The purpose of dental treatment is not only for prolonging life, but also for being healthy until the end.

This woman used to be completely bed-ridden. In fact, everyone had given up to the point where it seemed acceptable if she were to pass away the following day. However, she improved significantly after putting her re-adjusted dentures back in which she hadn't worn since becoming bed-ridden. The photo (right) captures her being energetic enough to complain to the photographer. This lady passed away several years ago but she was fine until two days before she died.

This photo shows "tanzaku" from "tanabata". You can see how much every old person wants to get better.

Video1: Aged people making significant recoveries.


Video2: Aged people making significant recoveries.


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